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Cable Glands

Cable glands provide protection against mechanical stress (pull, kinking, etc.) to cables and wires in their entry in an enclosure, distribution box, or electrical panel. At the same time, they ensure a level of seal (ingress protection) by preventing entry of foreign objects, liquids, gases, dust, etc., in the enclosure, box or piece of equipment.

Cable glands offered by ITC include both metal (brass - and stainless steel upon request) and plastic (polyamide), with threads available in the three popular systems NPT, metric and Pg. Cable glands can also be distinguished by their function (simple entry, flex protection or "spiral", EMC protection, Explosion Proof (ATEX/EX), etc...).

Products related to cable glands and available at ITC include locknuts, additional washers and gaskets, hole plugs and ventilation glands and plugs.

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