22.5mm Data Connectors

ECX4630ITC now offers a new family of panel-mount, pass-through female connectors types RJ45, USB2.0 and USB3.0.

These convenient female-to-female connectors mount in a standard 22.5 mm hole –same as most pushbuttons, selectors and pilot lights – and provide easy access to internal communication and control devices, without the need of accessing the interior of a cabinet. Each connector comes with a locknut and with a tethered protective rubber cover. Ingress protection is IP65 when the cover is applied.


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DINLET S - DIN Mounted Single Outlet

111.399The popular line of ITC’s DIN rail mounted power outlets now includes an economy single 120V, 15A grounded outlet, which provides a convenient power source for a computer, a portable instrument, a battery charger, etc., useful during equipment commissioning or maintenance.

The new unit, dubbed “DINLET S”, only takes 35mm  (~1½”) space on the DIN Rail, and has cULus approval. It is available from stock from ITC, along with the existing Duplex “DINLET” and the 120V, 20A “DINLET Plus” models.

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Bi-Colour LED Pilot LIghts

Teknic Bi-ColourAlong with their extensive offering of pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches for control, automation and distribution panels and machinery, ITC presents a unique bi-colour 22.5mm pilot light (indicator light).

These monobloc units, integrating front cap, LEDs and terminals, are available for operation at 24V or 120VAC, contain RED and GREEN high-luminosity LEDs. The bodies are plastic, with front transparent cap offering IP65 protection.

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Safety Switch with Electromagnetic Release

Electro Safety Switch w certSimple and functional, the new FEP family of safety switches with electromagnetic (solenoid) release is the solution for guaranteeing safety and protection in access to control systems, machinery, and in general, to areas with protected access.

The FEP switches are double insulated, are rated IP65 and have Performance Level (PL) “e” according to ISO13849-1. Moreover, they are certified cULus, carry the CE-mark and are RoHS compliant.

Switches are available either with mechanical interlock (key removable when solenoid is energized) or electrical interlock (key removable when solenoid is de-energized). Manual emergency release is possible. The four internal contacts are operated by the key or by the solenoid, depending on the model; solenoid voltage is either 24V, 120V or 230V (AC/DC). Three M20 cable entries are provided.

Other features: Operating temperature -25 to +55˚C, pull-out force 1200N, rated thermal current 10A.

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Definite Purpose Contactors

DP ContactorITC is introducing the new range of NOARK’s Definite Purpose Contactors.  Featuring HVAC technology standards, these devices are designed for application in the HVAC industry as well as resistance heating, appliances, motor control, and where  compact size and price convenience are important.

NOARK’s Ex9CK series D.P. Contactors feature these characteristics:

    • Rated current from 20 to 90A (More precisely: 20, 25, 30, 32, 40, 50, 60, 75, 90A)
    • Coil voltages from 24 to 600Vac, 50/60Hz
    • 1,2, 3 and 4 pole configurations
    • Terminal connection by screw or quick-connect tabs
    • Auxiliary contacts available

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"BEL-Air" Enclosure Ventilation Fittings


Spelsberg's newly patented device is designed to solve or mitigate the problem of water condensation inside an enclosure which is exposed to frequent temperature change (see article Moisture - An Overlooked Cause of Failure). Although enclosures may be rated with a high IP value, humid air may penetrate the same: when the temperature drops (e.g.: at night), the moisture condenses inside the enclosure. After a number of such cycles, it is possible to witness the presence of water inside the enclosure. It is therefore advisable to ensure continuous air exchange between the interior of the enclosure and the ambient.

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Versatile, Economical New Double Insulation Limit Switch

20170623 112814 B

Uve Wiemer of Bernstein (picture - Matteo, Uwe & Luca) recently visited ITC to inform us about the new limit switches that are coming out. The new IN65 family of limit switches by BERNSTEIN, are now available from ITC, introduces a new concept in modularity, while providing a simple, economical solution to applications where ease of installation, high ingress protection and high resistance to impact are required.

IN65 models are 30mm plastic body/metal head switches (Double Insulated), available with 7 different types of contacts and 7 different types of actuators (including plunger, roller plunger, roller levers).  While these switches are normally sold in pre-defined configurations, both contact blocks and actuator heads can be easily replaced  by the user.

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New Production Terminal Strips for Economical Electrical Connections

Terminal Strip TLB-400W-12P-T01S

10% discount off of regular 2017 pricing!

This offer runs until September 8, 2017 on our new production of TERMINAL STRIPS and cannot be combined with other offers. These terminal strips come in five convenient sizes, designed for safe, economical wire connection in control panels, small distribution enclosures, machinery, appliances, etc.

The new series, due to improved production, packaging and logistics, are offered at a much reduced price compared to the previous models proposed by ITC.

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"Canaflex", the flexible wire duct, now with more sizes

Flex DuctCANALFLEX, the innovative flexible wire duct available at ITC, is made of UL94V2 polyamide 6.  Now, two more sizes have been added to the existing ones, giving users a wide range of choices:

Manuals & Instructions Now Available on Website

Manuals I 

Can't find the installation instructions? Not to worry, ITC has added a Manuals & Instructions section to our website. This section has instructions as well as links to many useful videos showing the correct way to use tools. This section is found under the Products drop-down menu. This section will grow adding additional instructions over the next few months. To go there now, click here.

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