New Catalog for Comepi Limit Switches

COMEPI COVERThe new 12-page catalog of Comepi IEC Limit Switches is now available on-line from ITC. These switches come in widths of 30, 35, 40, 50 & 60mm. Pre-wired EM switches are cULus certified, have widths of 30 and 35mm, and have plastic bodies. The other switches are CSA and cULus certified and are available with metal or plastic bodies.

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2017 Innovations Catalog

EC-1808 2017 Innovations COVERIn 2017 ITC added many new and exciting products. This catalog gives an overview of many of the new and/or improved products that ITC now carries. If you order any of these products before March 30 2018, you will save $20 on your order (special limited to one per customer).

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Three-Phase Reversing Switches

Rev Sw 2Two new compact “reversing” switches, used to invert rotation in three-phase electric motors, are now available at ITC.

Model LBS-W3/8 is rated 25A, 5.5kW (AC3) 600V, and model LBS-W3/32 is rated 45A, 11kW (AC3).  Both models are available as door-mount, single hole 22.5mm (suffix ZM), as door-mount, 4 holes (suffix ZM), or in plastic enclosure (suffix PM-D1).

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NIMBUS NG – High Efficiency Convection Enclosure Heaters

Nimbus NG w logosITC is now introducing a new family of PTC-based (Positive Temperature Coefficient) convection heaters for control panels and enclosures.

The Nimbus® NG heaters, manufactured by DBK in Germany, are the most compact sized on the market for the power produced, and can save space inside an enclosure for a panel builder. This can potentially allow use of a smaller enclosure, resulting in savings.

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I81 - The Economical New Double Insulation Limit Switch with Release Button

I81 w logoITC presents the new I81 family: modular 30mm double-insulated limit switches with manual release button, made by BERNSTEIN.

The I81 switches provide the economical solution to applications requiring modularity, small dimensions, ease of installation, together with a high resistance to impact are required.

I81 metal head switches are available with 7 different types of contacts and several different types of actuators (including plunger, roller plunger, roller levers). While these switches are normally sold in pre-defined configurations, both contact blocks and actuator heads can be easily replaced by the user.

The blue reset button must be pulled manually after operation of the switch. The actuator heads are replaceable and interchangeable, and can be rotated by increments of 45˚.

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Molded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCB w logo IITC now offers Molded Case Circuit Breakers manufactured by NOARK, in six frame sizes:

100, 225, 400, 600, 800 and 1,200 A. For each frame size, there is a choice of interrupting capacities at voltages ranging from 240VAC to 690VAC, and from 250VDC to 600VDC.

The “M” series of MCCBs conforms to the most important standards, including UL489/CSA C22.2 No. 5.1, as well as IEC 60947-2 for main and branch circuit protection. These devices are CE-marked and are RoHS compliant.

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22.5mm Data Connectors

ECX4630ITC now offers a new family of panel-mount, pass-through female connectors types RJ45, USB2.0 and USB3.0.

These convenient female-to-female connectors mount in a standard 22.5 mm hole –same as most pushbuttons, selectors and pilot lights – and provide easy access to internal communication and control devices, without the need of accessing the interior of a cabinet. Each connector comes with a locknut and with a tethered protective rubber cover. Ingress protection is IP65 when the cover is applied.


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DINLET S - DIN Mounted Single Outlet

111.399The popular line of ITC’s DIN rail mounted power outlets now includes an economy single 120V, 15A grounded outlet, which provides a convenient power source for a computer, a portable instrument, a battery charger, etc., useful during equipment commissioning or maintenance.

The new unit, dubbed “DINLET S”, only takes 35mm  (~1½”) space on the DIN Rail, and has cULus approval. It is available from stock from ITC, along with the existing Duplex “DINLET” and the 120V, 20A “DINLET Plus” models.

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Bi-Colour LED Pilot LIghts

Teknic Bi-ColourAlong with their extensive offering of pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches for control, automation and distribution panels and machinery, ITC presents a unique bi-colour 22.5mm pilot light (indicator light).

These monobloc units, integrating front cap, LEDs and terminals, are available for operation at 24V or 120VAC, contain RED and GREEN high-luminosity LEDs. The bodies are plastic, with front transparent cap offering IP65 protection.

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Safety Switch with Electromagnetic Release

Electro Safety Switch w certSimple and functional, the new FEP family of safety switches with electromagnetic (solenoid) release is the solution for guaranteeing safety and protection in access to control systems, machinery, and in general, to areas with protected access.

The FEP switches are double insulated, are rated IP65 and have Performance Level (PL) “e” according to ISO13849-1. Moreover, they are certified cULus, carry the CE-mark and are RoHS compliant.

Switches are available either with mechanical interlock (key removable when solenoid is energized) or electrical interlock (key removable when solenoid is de-energized). Manual emergency release is possible. The four internal contacts are operated by the key or by the solenoid, depending on the model; solenoid voltage is either 24V, 120V or 230V (AC/DC). Three M20 cable entries are provided.

Other features: Operating temperature -25 to +55˚C, pull-out force 1200N, rated thermal current 10A.

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