Rotary Changeover Switches

rot-changeover32-logosA new family of rotary switches has recently been added by ITC to their wide offering of disconnect, instrument and selector switches, as well as customized versions, manufactured in Germany by Sontheimer GmBH.

Supplied directly from its warehouse in Toronto, the new changeover switches are available in 2 sizes: 16A (2 HP at 240 VAC) and 40A (10 HP at 240 VAC). Each model is available in 1-pole, 2-poles and 3-poles versions.

Moreover, these 3 stable position (“1-0-2” or custom plate) switches are available:

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22.5mm Pushbuttons, Selectors and Pilot Lights

PB ComboITC offers from its warehouse in Toronto, the most complete choice of 22.5mm operator control devices, including pushbuttons (illuminated and non-illuminated), selector switches, emergency stop buttons, pilot lights, as well as accessories such as legend plates, spare bulbs, extra contacts, etc…

 These devices are built according to advanced standards, have UL, CSA approvals, CE-marking and are RoHS compliant.  Contacts are self-cleaning; moreover, normally closed (NC) contacts feature positive opening.  Ingress protection is IP65 (front), mechanical life up to 10,000,000 operations, and rated operating temperature from -25 to 70˚C. Rated thermal current 10A and rated insulation voltage is 500V. Pilot lights (indicators) and illuminated devices can be equipped with incandescent, LED and neon bulbs; mono-block (one piece) LED indicators are also available.

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Industrial Air Conditioners control internal temperature of electrical panels

Air ConditionerITC offers a range of five sizes of side-mounted air conditioners for electrical cabinets and panels, ranging from 580W (2,000BTU) to 4100W (14,000 BTU).

These units are designed for indoor use, are cULus certified, and operate at 115V, single-phase 50/60Hz, or 230V, single phase, 50/60Hz, or 460V, 3-phase, 50/60Hz depending on the size and model.   They are controlled locally via electronic board / display, or via remote control (except the 580W model).

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Polyester Enclosures for outdoor applications

DSE-niceboxITC stocks a wide inventory of enclosures for electrical equipment made of halogen-free reinforced polyester resin, offering durable protection of control and distribution system to be located outdoors or where liquid and dust may create a hazard.

These enclosures are available in sizes varying from 100x130x70mm (~3.9x5.1x2.7”) to 600x800x280mm (~23.6x31.5x11”), in two different models: with grey solid hinged cover (type PCG), or with transparent polycarbonate hinged cover (type PCT).

Operating temperature of these enclosures is from -40 to 75˚C. Ingress protection is IP67, and NEMA rating 4X; impact rating is IK08. They have cULus certification and are RoHS compliant. Flammability rating: UL94-5VA.

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Improved Bench Mounted Pneumatic Crimping Tool is economical & versatile

500920ITC presents an improved bench mounted pneumatic crimping tool for electrical terminals, which can be equipped with a variety of die sets for the most common terminals used in electrical shops.

This tool (Part No. 500.920) is supplied with a pneumatic foot switch, the necessary pneumatic tubing, safety guard and one die set for insulated terminals. Other die sets “Series 700”, which also fit ITC’s manual crimping tools, are available for ferrules (22 to 1 AWG), insulated terminals (22 to 10 AWG), uninsulated terminals (22 to 8 AWG) and others.

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On-Load DC Disconnect Switches

DC Disconnect cULusITC has recently introduced new on-load disconnect switches rated (CSA) respectively 20A and 30A at 600V DC, or 28A and 45A at 500VDC, or 40A and 63A at 350VDC.

These 2-pole switches, manufactured in Germany by SONTHEIMER, provide safe operation and arc extinction by using double contacts and mechanically reinforced snap-action mechanism. The standard configuration is for door-mounting (4+1 holes) with round padlockable red/yellow knurled handle. Upon request, the same switches can be supplied mounted in an enclosure.

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Versatile mounting table for control panels

Mounting tableFinally a solution is available for assembling and wiring a control panel or its back plate in a safe, practical, ergonomic manner.

The new AMT family of assembly tables, manufactured in Germany by ALFRA and now available from ITC, feature a free-standing solid caster-equipped base, on which an adjustable swivel frame – which holds the panel or more likely the back plate, is mounted.

The swivel frame has dimensions of 1,100x1,900mm (approximately 43”x74”) with available extension element:  this is amply sufficient for holding most available panels. Maximum load is 200 kg (approximately 440 lbs).

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Manual Crimping Tool with Interchangeable Dies for power terminals 8AWG to 250MCM

500630ITC now offers a new manual-operated crimp tool with interchangeable compression dies, designed to crimp effortlessly and precisely, non-insulated power lugs and terminals from 10mm2 (~8AWG) to 150 mm2 (~ 250MCM). This is a non-ratcheting tool with telescopic tubular handles which extend to a maximum of 490mm, to allow for compressing the largest terminals with reduced effort. Each tool is supplied with nine 2-piece, hexagonal-shaped crimp die sets (10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120 and 150 mm2) in a sturdy plastic case.

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Compression lugs for power cables have extended, two-hole tongue

2 hole lugIn addition to the popular, single-hole power lugs available from ITC, type 39CL-D color-coded compression lugs for power cables have an extra long barrel to ensure maximum mechanical resistance to pull-out force, as well as two fixing holes, making them ideal for installations where high reliability of connection is a must. They are available for standard stranded cables 8AWG to 750MCM, with various sizes of mounting holes.

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LC-100 Automatic Cross-Cutting Machine

LC-100new precise automatic wire cutting machine, manufactured in Germany by GLW, is now available from ITC.

The LC-100 machine cuts cables, wires, hoses and other similar profiles up to a diameter of 8 mm (~5/16”), for unit lengths from 2mm to 1000mm. Setup via the membrane keypad on the machine or external computer is extremely simple, so that it can be used for both short runs and large production runs. Settings can be saved on a computer. Manual adjustment of driver rollers and transport speed can also be manually adjusted for specific needs.

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