ITC’s Tower Lights now available also as base-mount models

TPWL ROGThe popular tower lights (Beacon lights) by TEND, available from stock at ITC in Toronto, now can also be obtained with a direct flange mount instead of the common 300 mm pole mounting.

These high-efficiency tower lights are available in 40 or 50mm diameters, from 1 to 5 colour stacks, and can be provided with or without an audible alarm.  Standard voltages include 12V ac/dc, 24Vac/dc and 120Vac.  They are cULus certified and are supplied pre-wired for quick installation.

Available accessories include replacement lenses and replacement Ba15S side-emitting LED bulbs in all voltages and colours.


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ILME announces IL-BRID, a new high quality type of locking lever

IL-BRIDILME, the well-known Italian manufacturer of industrial multipole connectors, has just introduced a new type of locking lever/handle for its die-cast metal enclosures.  Instead of the current flexible, stainless steel lever with a roller, which snaps in place over the “peg” of the other part of the housing, new type, called “IL-BRID”, features a compound lever made of stainless steel and thermoplastic material.  This system combines the sturdiness of steel with the smoothness of the plastic.

When locking an enclosure, the new lever acts in two phases: initially, the thermoplastic part slides easily over the “peg”, reducing friction and wear.  In the second phase, the steel component comes into play to guarantee high resistance to stress.

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With the ITC DIN-Clip every component can be mounted on DIN Rail

DIN Rail ClipA simple, economical accessory now available at ITC can solve the problem of mounting on DIN Rail any component not equipped with a DIN foot.

The small stainless steel clip snaps easily on any 35mm Standard DIN Rail, and has a threaded hole to mount the component on it. (part N. 100.144 has an M4 hole, part N. 100.145 an M5 hole). One or two DIN-Clips can be used for each component, depending on its size and weight.

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Jokari "Allrounder" - The Practical Stripping Tool for the Electrician

AllrounderThe new “ALLROUNDER” pocket stripping tool by JOKARI® is designed to join versatility and economy, together with the well-known quality of the JOKARI family of products, made in Germany.

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New "TEEPLUG" ® compact IP68 Plug-and-Socket Connectors


TH384 no shadowThe new line of compact waterproof (IP68 – NEMA 6P) Plug-and-Socket Connectors recently introduced by ITC are designed to provide maximum efficiency in installation and maintenance of outdoor and indoor lighting, signalling, control and distribution panels, food and packaging, industrial cleaning, etc. This line of products is manufactured in Italy by TECHNO, a company at the vanguard of the technology since 1986.

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DUMB Box (DIN Utility Mounted Box)


The DUMB (DIN Utility Mounted Box) Box is a smart way to store screws, fuses etc. close to where you will need them. The box is easily mounted on Din-Rail and the drawer can be adjusted to accommodate both horizontal and vertical Din-Rail.

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Cable Ties now classified “Type 21S” by UL

Cable Ties
Since last June, all models (natural and black) rated 50lbs and 120lbs of our CABLE TIES have obtained from UL the classification “Type 21S” and at the same time are now certified for installation at -20˚C.

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Bernstein CC-4000

Bernstein CC-4000 control enclosures offer modern lines and versatile configurations

Bernstein CC-4000The modular Control Enclosure “Series CC-4000” and “CC-4000 SL” manufactured in Germany by Bernstein offer a simple, modern industrial design as well as a wide selection of dimensions and accessories. 

CC-4000 can be supplied with width and height maximum of 800x800 mm, and depth from 52 mm to 646 mm.  CC-4000 SL (Slim) comes with same width/height, but depths of 55 or 99 mm. 

Features include excellent heat dissipation through the single-wall aluminium sections, integrated side handles, IP65 protection, cULus approval, available hinged/detachable front and back panels.

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SquichNew Multi-pole Inserts Feature Fast, Tool-free Wire Connection

The new ‘Squich’ line of inserts offer wire assembly times that are 50% faster than traditional screw-type-connections, and 20% faster than conventional spring-type connections.  This patented connection method is designed with the assembler in mind.  Quickly insert the wire into its correct seat (facilitated by a wide funnel entry), then simply depress the actuating tab with a finger to close the terminal and secure the wire.  To release the wire, just re-open the terminal by raising the tab with a narrow screwdriver.

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CS8 & CS9 Crimping Tool Series

CS8  CS9Two new families of economical, compact ratchet crimping tools are now included among the several  electrical shop tools available at ITC.

Both series (CS8 and CS9) feature ratchet operation, small size for operation where space is limited, and a large choice of interchangeable die sets.  The CS8 frame measures 8” (200mm) and weighs only 390g.  The CS9 frame – which offers a wider choice of die sets – measures 9” (230mm) and weighs 540g.

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