Standoff Insulators

ITC's standoff insulators are used to support small electrical, control and automation components in indoor applications, or outdoor appropriate enclosures, where voltages do not exceed 600V.  They are molded of red-colour, high tensile strength self-extinguishing fiberglass reinforced molding compound.  The shape of these standoff insulators is designed in order to ensure maximum track distances under most normal applications.

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CS10 New Crimping Tool Kit

ITC has introduced an improved kit containing an ergonomic ratchet manual crimping tool with four different die sets, covering the most common applications in any electrical shop.

Kit p/n 500.068 includes a 10 inch (258mm) ergonomically designed professional ratchet frame and 4 die sets, for ferrules 0.5 to 4mm2 (22-12AWG), insulated terminals 0.5-6mm2 (22-10AWG), insulated disconnect terminals 0.5-6mm2 (22-10AWG), and closed end connectors 0.5-6mm2 (22-10AWG).  Additional die sets are also available at ITC.

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Peltier effect thermoelectric coolers for enclosures

Peltier CoolerITC presents a complete line of Peltier effect thermoelectric coolers as manufactured by DBK Thermal Management UK.

These popular thermoelectric coolers are designed to remove excessive heat build up from Industrial control panels and other enclosures in cases where a filtered cooling fan is not efficient enough to remove this heat and the enclosure is not large enough to justify the expense of a refrigerant based Air Conditioner.

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Foot Switch with analog output

F1 IP67

ITC is introducing a new line of metal foot switches  manufactured in Germany by BERNSTEIN, featuring variable controlling current and voltage output, directly proportional to the position of the pedal. There are four types of analog output which can be chosen: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA. 

Additionally, these foot switches are available with or without metal protective guard.  Standard models are single-pedal, but 2- and 3-pedal models can be made available upon special request.

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New ITC Cable Glands Catalog

EC-1604-0-GLANDS-cover.png - 32.00 KB

New ITC Cable Glands Catalog

The new 32-page CABLE GLANDS catalog is now available on-line from ITC. The complete offering of this class of products is described in this new catalog, including plastic and metal standard domed glands (NPT, Metric and Pg), bend-protection and elbow models, EMC glands, ventilation plugs, locknuts, blind stops, standard, multi-hole and special seals, washers and gaskets and thread adapters.

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Single Lever Enclosures for Multipole Connectors

Single Lever Enclosure.jpg - 13.19 KBAmong the numerous choices offered for housing male/female multipole connectors, widely used in automation, machinery, etc., ITC now proposes the  YX series of hoods, which feature a single, centrally placed lever, and corresponding pegs on the based.

These products were specifically designed for industrial applications where installation space is limited.  These enclosures can be placed side-by side, and opened in a single movement; furthermore, the larger size of the handle significantly reduces the opening / closing effort.

Single-lever bases and hoods are available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24 (number of 16A poles), the hoods either with top or side Metric/Pg entries, the bases either raised (surface mounted) or sunk (bulkhead).   Moreover, a hood with access inclined at 45˚ to the base is also available for size 24.

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Snap Bushings and Plugs

Bushing and Plug.jpg - 6.58 KBITC now offers - from its vast inventory of more than 8,000 different components for the builder of machinery, control panels and automation systems - a series of convenient, simple accessories, which come very handy during the installation of various types of components.

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HP Series Junction Boxes

HP Enclosure.jpg - 305.38 KBFor most light-duty applications, ITC proposes the versatile, economical “HP series” small polypropylene enclosures  manufactured in Germany by SPELSBERG.

These economical boxes, suitable for installation in damp or wet areas, come in six sizes from 75x75mm (~3x3”) to 199x149mm (~8x6”), feature IP55 protection and IK07 impact resistance, are halogen-free and flame retardant (UL94-V2). All have soft entry seals, which can be rapidly cut to size, or used for entry via standard cable glands.  The smaller models’ covers are snap-in type, while the larger models have ¼ turn plastic screws.  A plastic tether secures the cover when open, in the 2 largest models.

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NEW! Voltmeter and Ammeter Switches from Stock at ITC!

LBS-V30 8 ZM.jpg - 368.06 KBThe popular panel-mounted Voltmeter and Ammeter switches, manufactured by SONTHEIMER GmBH, are now available from stock at ITC.  These models complement the well-known, wide range of standard and custom rotary and on-load disconnect switches by the same manufacturer.

Voltmeter switches are rated 16A, 600V (UL/CSA), and come in two models:  p/n  LBS-V3/8/ZM is a 3-position+0, phase-to-phase switch, while p/n LBS-V30/8/ZM is a 6-position+0, phase-to-phase plus phase-to-neutral switch.   The ammeter switch type LBS-AU31/8/ZM is a 3-position+0 model.

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DIN-Rail mounted Relay modules ERM

491037.JPG - 405.06 KBThe line of DIN-Rail mounted low voltage relays from ITC now features a new compact, economical module with plug-in (removable) relay.

Such small DIN-mounted relay modules are very popular, being used as interface between PLCs and other control components, and the respective controlled devices (loads).

In line with the other existing units, the new ERM model can be mounted on all 35mm rail as well as on asymmetric 32mm rail.   The removable relay (available also as a spare part) is rated 10A, 24V, with 1NO+1NC contact (form C). Connections are by means of screw-clamp terminal blocks mounted on the PCB, which accept wires 24- 14AWG. 

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