New Precision Cutter for PVC Wire Duct up to 125mm Wide

520011.jpg - 51.88 KBITC introduces model VKS125, a bench-mounted wire duct cutter which cuts PVC ducts and covers up to 125mm wide, exactly and effortlessly in seconds.

This hand lever operated tool, manufactured in Germany by ALFRA®, provides burr-free cuts without waste. The wide support plate offers full support to the duct, preventing its sagging, and is equipped with a length stop adjustable to maximum 1m length. The scale is both metric and in inches, and is laser engraved on the support plate, ensuring durability.

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Compact 63A Disconnect Switch

LBS-NLO63.jpg - 169.92 KBA new compact version of the popular 63A disconnect switch, manufactured in Germany by SONTHEIMER GmBH is now being introduced by ITC.

The new model LBS-NLO63 is rated (CSA/UL) 63A, 30HP (@600Vac-3ph). Switch dimensions (excluding shaft/handles) for the compact NLO model are (3 poles) only 35x60x57mm, vs. 60x64x59mm of the larger model (LBS-NLT63).

The latter will still be available: its ratings are (CSA/UL) 63A, 50HP(@ 600Vac-3ph).


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New ITC 22.5mm Control Devices Catalog available

EC-1602 COVER.jpg - 544.23 KBThe new ITC 22.5mm Control Devices catalog is now available on-line. It includes metal and plastic bezel pushbuttons, selector switches, E-stops, pilot lights, indicators, illuminated as well as non-illuminated, various accessories and metal and plastic pushbutton enclosures. 

To download the new catalog for 22.5mm Control Devices, click here.





Minature Pre-wired IP67 Limit Switches

IP67 Limit Switch.jpg - 38.24 KBITC is now offering a new line of pre-wired, extremely compact, IP67 double-insulated limit switches, manufactured by BERNSTEIN of Germany.

These cULus approved, plastic body limit switches’ dimensions (excluding the actuators) are just 49x30mm (~2”x1-1/4”), with thickness 16mm (5/8”), allowing installation in very limited spaces.  Being pre-wired, they offer Ingress protection IP67.

The main features of these switches include: Double insulation, positive opening contacts rated 240V 10A (UL), switching capacity: 24Vac, 10A – 240Vac, 3A.

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Compact Hand Hydraulic Punch

502079.jpg - 210.74 KBITC offers a new compact hand-operated hydraulic tool, to be used in conjunction with punch/die sets (in particular with the patented TriStar® die sets from ALFRA), for punching steel or stainless steel plates.

The “Compact” model, ideal for operation in small and medium shops, has an aluminium body of very small dimensions (only 300mm ~ 1" long), is lightweight (1.6 kg ~ 3.4 lbs)

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Cirrus series of fan forced heaters for industrial control panels

Cirrus 40 IIITC presents a complete line of fan-forced heaters using PTC technology manufactured by DBK Thermal Management (UK).

DBK’s Cirrus fan heaters use positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ceramic heating elements, ideally suited for climate control.

The product range offers heaters ranging from 5 watts to 800 watts and operating

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New DIN-Rail mounted compact fuse holder terminal block


ITC introduces a new, improved DIN-Rail mounted compact (8 mm pitch) disconnect/fuse holder terminal block, designed to mount 5x20 or 5x25 glass cartridge fuses.

The new terminal block mounts on any 35mm, 32mm asymmetrical, or 15 mm DIN Rail, and is completely enclosed and does not need a separate end plate: this feature means a space saving, as well as significant economy.

The main characteristics are: UL and CSA ratings 22-10AWG, 600V, 10A; dimensions (on 35x7.5mm rail): 50.3x57x8mm (HxLxW). Approvals include cURus and CSA.

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Rope Pull safety switches by BERNSTEIN offer a span up to 75m

Safety rope pull switches are used on operator-accessible parts of machinery, such as conveyor belts, assembly lines, etc. They operate similarly to emergency stop pushbuttons or E-stops, but the latter can only be mounted in specific places, at intervals, while a rope-pull switch operates at any point of a certain machine section.

Rope pull switches operate under 2 conditions:

  • When the rope is pulled (alarm)
  • When the rope is broken or interrupted (malfunction)

BERNSTEIN offers 2 types of rope pull switches:

  • SR, plastic enclosed
  • SRM, metal enclosed

The main features of these safety switches are:

  • Span (at rated temperature) 25m, or 37.5m, or 75m
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Contacts rated 250VAC/24VDC, 5A
  • Rope setting by simple lug or by the exclusive Quickfix device, allowing faster assembly, not requiring clamps, thimbles or tensioners
  • Windows indicating the rope status and the switch status
  • Available bi-function release/e-stop button on the switch
  • Available remote indication of the switch status 

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New Crimping Tools - CS8 & CS9 Series + CS10 Kit

CS8  CS9Two new families of economical, compact ratchet crimping tools are now included among the several  electrical shop tools available at ITC.

Both series (CS8 and CS9) feature ratchet operation, small size for operation where space is limited, and a large choice of interchangeable die sets.  The CS8 frame measures 8” (200mm) and weighs only 390g.  The CS9 frame – which offers a wider choice of die sets – measures 9” (230mm) and weighs 540g.

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New Hinge safety switch by BERNSTEIN


SHS3 installed

The new SHS3 safety hinge switch, distributed in Canada by ITC, is designed to provide maximum reliability and flexibility to the designer and supplier of machinery. Strict health and safety regulations now impose the need to protect the operator: the SHS3 hinge switch offers a complete solution to this requirement.


This product includes a robust die-cast or stainless steel hinge, coupled with an IP67 (IP69K on demand) switch, completely adjustable and resettable with precision of 1.5°. Two NC, positive-opening contacts are standard, and one additional NO contact for signalling is available on certain models.


Connection is made either via a pre-installed cable or a M12 connector (connection cables are available). Models with radial or axial connection are available.


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