New ITC Ferrules Catalog available

The new ITC catalog of FERRULES is now available. It includes all the models of uninsulated, insulated, "twin", special insulation ferrules, crimping tools, as well as many types of kits.


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New 1000V, 240A Din-Rail mounted terminal block



The ITC line of DIN Rail mounted (IEC-style) terminal blocks now also includes a power model, rated 1000VAC, 240A, 2AWG to 250MCM (UL/CSA), which can be mounted on any 35mm symmetrical DIN Rail. Given the pull of cables and weight of the block, the 35x15mm DIN rail is recommended. Mounting and removing from rail with a screwdriver is very easy thanks to a specially designed foot.

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Micro Limit Switches

TMV 163-c


ITC now offers a line of high precision micro limit switches, designed to suit most applications in control, manufacturing, alarm and security installations. These micro switches have 1NO+1NC contact, and are rated 16A at 120/250VAC and feature simple plunger actuators, levers and levers with nylon rollers.

Dimensions are extremely reduced (39x16x10mm excluding connecting tabs and actuators), and weight is approximately 8g. Mounting is by 2 passing screws (not supplied) 3mm. dia.. External connections are by means of 6.35x0.8mm (.250”x.032”) fast tabs.

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Special Stripping Tools for Sensor Cables


ITC offers two new stripping tools made in Germany by JOKARI®, specifically designed for use with all halogen-free, multi-conductor sensor cables, shielded and non-shielded.

These tools operate on cables from 3.20 to 4.40mm (0.125” to 0.175”) diameter (model Sensor-Special-Mini – p/n 500.129), and from 4.40 to 7.00mm (0.175” to 0.28”) diameter (model Sensor-Special – p/n 500.120).

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Center-hole mounted Compact Disconnect Switches

Our favoured line of compact “LO” disconnect switches, is now available as single-center-hole mounting for door-mount applications. The “ZM” type is available from stock for 16A, 25A, 32A and 40A sizes.

Switches mount directly to an enclosures door through a single 22.5mm diameter hole. Assembling with the supplied sealing gasket provides is IP65 protection. 3, 4 and 6-pole units are standard, but extra auxiliary and neutral poles are also available.

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Sauro Terminals & Connectors



The vast range of connection products manufactured in Italy by SAURO is available in Canada through ITC of Toronto.

Since 1984 SAURO has been at the technological vanguard in developing high quality terminal blocks and connectors for printed circuit boards:

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September Special - DIN Rail & Cutter

Special offers - DIN Rail and DIN Rail Cutter 
DIN Rail and Cutter

DIN Rails 111.013 (standard slotted TS35/F6 DIN Rail) & 111.023 (slotted TS35/F5 DIN Rail)

DIN Rail Cutting Tool 510.801

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Distributor Special - check your local distributor for pricing. 

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Monobloc LED Pilot Lights in Five Colours & 4 Voltages


The 22.5mm Monobloc panel indicator LED Pilot lights recently introduced by ITC combines the convenience of single-component (no separate part numbers to order, only one piece to install) with long life (more than 30,000 hours), low power consumption, low heat generation and high visibility of modern LEDs. These models are all UL listed/recognized and are available from stock in your choice of five colours (white/green/red/amber/blue), for 12V, 24V (AC/DC), 110V (AC or AC/DC) and 220V(AC only).

ITC also offers a bi-colour (Red/Green) 22.5mm Monobloc LED pilot light, which offers the possibility of a double indication in one single device. This model is only available in 24V AC/DC, CE-marked only.

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Polyester Enclosures Series CP/CPS


ITC introduces the new "Series CP" and "Series CPS" enclosures, manufactured in Germany by BERNSTEIN®, made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resin.

They are designed to be used both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR applications. Series CP models are grey, while Series CPS models are black, which are also UV-resistant.


All models:

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