New Production Terminal Strips for Economical Electrical Connections

Terminal Strip TLB-400W-12P-T01S

10% discount off of regular 2017 pricing!

This offer runs until September 8, 2017 on our new production of TERMINAL STRIPS and cannot be combined with other offers. These terminal strips come in five convenient sizes, designed for safe, economical wire connection in control panels, small distribution enclosures, machinery, appliances, etc.

The new series, due to improved production, packaging and logistics, are offered at a much reduced price compared to the previous models proposed by ITC.

Each strip has 12 poles (custom strips with different number of poles available).  All strips can be easily cut to the required number of terminals, have raised base, wire protection (which eliminates the need for a ferrule or a crimp terminal).

The five models offered are respectively rated 20A – max 12AWG (pitch 8mm), 30A – max 10AWG (pitch 10mm), 30A – max 10AWG (pitch 12mm), 50A – max 8AWG (pitch 13.5mm) and 85A –max 4AWG (pitch 16.5mm).  Ratings are as per cURus approval.  CE mark, RoHS compliant.

For our catalog describing ITC’s new production terminal strips click here.