Versatile, Economical New Double Insulation Limit Switch

20170623 112814 B

Uve Wiemer of Bernstein (picture - Matteo, Uwe & Luca) recently visited ITC to inform us about the new limit switches that are coming out. The new IN65 family of limit switches by BERNSTEIN, are now available from ITC, introduces a new concept in modularity, while providing a simple, economical solution to applications where ease of installation, high ingress protection and high resistance to impact are required.

IN65 models are 30mm plastic body/metal head switches (Double Insulated), available with 7 different types of contacts and 7 different types of actuators (including plunger, roller plunger, roller levers).  While these switches are normally sold in pre-defined configurations, both contact blocks and actuator heads can be easily replaced  by the user.

These switches are built in accordance with EN50047, are CSA approved (5A rated thermal current, 1.5A at 24VAC or 1.5A at 24VDC operation), IP67-Nema4X rated, for temperatures between -30 and +75˚C.  Max. mechanical operations: 30x106.  Max. electrical operations: 1x106.  All switches have CE-marking and are RoHS compliant.


Also available from ITC in Canada: the new plunger-operated economy model IN62, and model I81, with interchangeable heads and additional manual release button.  Both these models are CSA approved and have the same rating and operating features as model IN65.

For advance information on IN62, I82 Limit Switches click here.

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