Safety Switch with Electromagnetic Release

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Electro Safety Switch w certSimple and functional, the new FEP family of safety switches with electromagnetic (solenoid) release is the solution for guaranteeing safety and protection in access to control systems, machinery, and in general, to areas with protected access.

The FEP switches are double insulated, are rated IP65 and have Performance Level (PL) “e” according to ISO13849-1. Moreover, they are certified cULus, carry the CE-mark and are RoHS compliant.

Switches are available either with mechanical interlock (key removable when solenoid is energized) or electrical interlock (key removable when solenoid is de-energized). Manual emergency release is possible. The four internal contacts are operated by the key or by the solenoid, depending on the model; solenoid voltage is either 24V, 120V or 230V (AC/DC). Three M20 cable entries are provided.

Other features: Operating temperature -25 to +55˚C, pull-out force 1200N, rated thermal current 10A.

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