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New MINI25 - Compact Enclosed Disconnect Switch 25A, 600V, 5HP

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The Mini25

A new economy compact disconnect switch in a non-metallic enclosure, manufactured in Germany by SONTHEIMER GmBH, is now available in Canada from stock at ITC.

This new switch is operated by means of a standard 60mm padlockable handle type Z33, and is enclosed in a special plastic container measuring only 64x74mm (approx.. 2-1/2” x 3”), 82mm high including the handle (approx. 3-1/4”). 

There are 4 pre-threaded knock-outs M20: this eliminates the need for using locknuts inside the enclosure.  Mounting of the enclosure can be either via 2 external screw slots, or 4 internal knock-outs.

Ingress protection is IP67.  This switch is CSA, UL rated 25A, 600V, 5HP, and carries the CE-mark.

The standard model is 3-pole, but 4-pole and 1-pole (same overall dimensions) are also available.  Part No. LBS-WAI184/R3/25A has a red handle on a yellow cover, while Part No. LBS-WAI185/R3/25A has a black handle on a grey cover.

The 3-pole model is priced approximately 40% below the existing 25A enclosed 3-pole disconnect type LBS-RLO25/3PM.

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