Improved Bench Mounted Pneumatic Crimping Tool is economical & versatile

500920ITC presents an improved bench mounted pneumatic crimping tool for electrical terminals, which can be equipped with a variety of die sets for the most common terminals used in electrical shops.

This tool (Part No. 500.920) is supplied with a pneumatic foot switch, the necessary pneumatic tubing, safety guard and one die set for insulated terminals. Other die sets “Series 700”, which also fit ITC’s manual crimping tools, are available for ferrules (22 to 1 AWG), insulated terminals (22 to 10 AWG), uninsulated terminals (22 to 8 AWG) and others.

Tool 500.920 has built-in storage space for 10 die sets – a useful thought, making the replacement of the dies even more practical.

Warranty: 1 year.

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